About Me

Hi, I'm Cynthia. I love to talk about scents, be it perfumes,  fragrant food or just the smell that hits you when you got off an airplane in a new destination.  I've found a community of fragrance lovers who get just as excited about scents as I do and have helped facilitate my addiction, for better or worse. Right now I split time between Singapore and Texas. In the past I've lived in India, Philippines, Borneo, Saudi Arabia, Scotland and Indonesia. I've loved exploring new cultures and part of the discovery process has been the strong scent connections of place. I believe that we scent lovers are sensualists,  just like wine lovers and foodies, and that this heightened appreciation for the very air around us gives more enjoyment and flavor to everyday life. Through my travels I have been exposed to many wonderful things, but it is the fragrant journey that has given me the most pleasure.